James L is a passionate hobbyist knife maker, who wanted a set of logos and icons to electro-etch onto his creations.
Although not a commercial brand, I treated the process in the same way. However, unlike a commercial brand, we got to make decisions based on personal preferences, rather than on desired communication towards customers.

One main restriction was that all marks needed to be recognizable at a very small size, as some knives have blades less than an inch across. Although initially contemplating a calligraphic style, we arrived at a more minimal aesthetic using thick lines of singular thickness throughout (known as mono-line). I designed several monograms, script styles, and icons, based on James’ personal preference.

Since James had a hard time deciding between two monogram concepts, one shaped as a knife, the other functioning as an ambigram, he decided to use both. Alongside the monograms is a ‘Boz’ script mark, as well as a triangular icon.

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JL Knive Logo Set Pattern.jpg