Monograms: playful interactions between abstract marks. The sum of their part is greater than the individual letters alone.

Traditional Victorian monograms tend to be very ornamental, a quality I’ve grown to love and replicate. However, a monogram doesn’t have to be detailed to be beautiful. Some excellent and highly recognizable contemporary monograms include the logos of Volkswagen, LG, and Chanel, to name a few.

Over the years, I have designed many monograms for clients’ personal use. Some were for weddings, but most were simply for a person to use on day-to-day stationery. A monogram becomes a part of their personal identity: a logo for a human, rather than a corporation.
Here’s several of these, as well as some original concept sketches.

EAB Monogram Ornamental Black and White-01.png
AK Monogram No Border B&W.png
JS Full Ornament Color V3.png
JS Monogram Basic.png